Friday, 6 February 2009

Posties for the chop

While most people are busy digging themselves out of a snowstorm, Lobbydog suspects somebody is trying to bury bad news.

Tales of massive job cuts at Royal Mail have been reported today, but have slipped out without much fanfare.

Managers have been told they need to save ten percent from office and staff costs in a letter, which was then leaked to the unions.

I guess we’ll never know who gave what to whom and why, but we shouldn’t be surprised at the news itself.

Lefties who were given hope that Royal Mail might only be part-privatised (were in denial) should take this as a sign.

Ten years from now Mandy will have put Royal Mail firmly in private hands.

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Scouse & Proud #jft96 said...

The snow dear boy, the snow...

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