Wednesday 4 February 2009

Cameron flops

At PMQs earlier I'm pretty sure there was a line of dribble escaping Lindsey Hoyle's mouth and forming a dark patch on his suit lapel.

No doubt he would say it's because he was up all night negotiating over strikes or something.

But I wouldn't blame him if he just lost interest in the show.

Rather than jumping in feet first and slapping the PM for drumming up xenophobic sentiment with the "British jobs" comment, Cameron dilly-dallied for a full six minutes.

He must've reckoned: "I'll use two questions on international affairs to push Brown into a corner and on the third I'll hit him with the 'British jobs' line."

Instead it meant for most of the time no-one could quite work out what he was getting at.

It was like watching a David Cronenberg film where they don't let you know what the point of the story is, so none of the scenes make sense.

When he finally got round to saying the PM should apologise for his comments it hardly seemed worth it anymore.

At one point I drifted so far I began looking down and examining the scalps of the Tory front bench over which I sit - Theresa May needs to do her roots.

Anyway, some light relief eventually came when Dennis MacShane was told off by the Speaker for getting too rowdy – but it was too little too late.


Trident said...

Love the Cronenberg reference. Why is Cameron such an ineffectual performer, GB is giving him the opportunity to shine as the house falls down around Labour.

subrosa said...

Thought much the same LD. Dave just didn't manage to get a head of steam. And with so much to steam about it was a good opportunity lost.

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