Friday, 6 February 2009

I fartt in yor zheneral direksion!

First the Germans and now the French – Gordon Brown is becoming the whipping boy of European leaders.

Lobbydog would’ve paid to see the look on Gord’s face as his VAT cut was slagged off by the French President last night.

Sarko said tax cuts in the UK had done sweet FA to boost consumer spending.

“That will bring them nothing,” he said. “Consumption continues to decrease in Britain.”

It was in December that German Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck slated the PM’s economic rescue plan as “crass Keynesianism”.

Still, Gord’s only got himself to blame after years of boasting how much better Britain was than France and Germany.

Also it would’ve been an extra bitter pill to swallow after Tony Blair became the first Prime Minister to meet Obama.

Blair nipped in there quickly while Brown was looking the other way. Old habits die hard.

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Andy said...

No but it did bring inflation down which was probably the real reason for it. And it was probably a nice little bonus for those who didn't pass the cut on which might just have helped a few businesses stay afloat a bit longer.

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