Thursday, 16 April 2009

Andy Burnham booed

I can't think of anything more daunting than giving a tricky speech to 70,000 emotional scousers.

This was the Culture Secretary speaking at the Hillsborough memorial service yesterday – at least they clapped at the end.


Justice4the96 said...

he got off lightly

Anonymous said...

The lad looks like he might burst out sobbing any minute. When I was watching the main bloke had to apologise to him afterwards for it all. Still nice to see a minister in a position where they can't possibly say anything back in return.

Anonymous said...

Reminded me a bit of the Romanian dictator Caeusescu, just before they took him away, tried him and shot him and his disgusting wife too. I sure he doesn't quite deserve that, but some of his colleagues probably do.

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