Wednesday 15 April 2009

More al-Ikea than al-Qaida

The Evening Post has printed a bit by Alan Simpson MP on the arrests of 114 eco-protestors planning a demo at Radcliffe-on-Soar power station.

Memories flood back of the Kingsnorth demo, at which police action was provoked by savage attacks launched by bees and sunshine.

Simpson writes: It started to look clumsy and heavy-handed - an operation conceived by people who spend too much time watching American police movies...

...The trouble with the pre-emptive arrests is that you don't have a crime.

All pertinent given G20 shenanigans.


Bent Society said...

Will they then be arresting themsleves next time they pan a demo against broken pay promises? Bloody hypocrites. Who are he real criminals? How much did this "game" cost the hard pressed tax payers of Nottingham in sly criminal police overtime scamming?

Nottingham Constabulary is a disgrace. They operated here - shamefully - as New Labour's police state political shock troops. NO CRIME - NO CHARGES! Nottingham is awash with public crime in public view - drug dealing, vandalism and prostitution. Those of us who are not waddling around in hi viz jackets or playing indoor cricket inside the police stations see it everyday. We also see the stupid Smartwater signs all over this city...a totally USELESS quack cure for crime bought by the police from ex-police officers. ALL academic research shows it does not work. On our corners stand prostitutes - driving past these corner stones of the drug trade and pimpery and anti-social behaviour are our useless lazy inept dim police. No wonder they pick on these soft, caring, law abiding middle-class targets ...so much easier. Now the police are persecuting the common man and running away from the criminals...or else serving their interests and investing in corrupt quackery! We need to clean up this lot in the Notts police, clean up the laughable community safety partnership and clean up the city council.

Lobbydog said...

That's going to require a whole lot of bleach. I think the police will always crack down on easy targets, what's worrying is more and more often they (officialdom) are being given the freedom to infringe upon our lives with fewer and fewer checks and balances.
When it gets to the point where council officials have the power to use terrorism laws against us, we know we're in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Well done to Alan Simpson for not being afraid to say it as it sees it on this (as he usually does, of course). What has been least reported about this sorry saga is that the police caused considerable damage to the school in their over-the-top entry to the premises. I wonder how long it will take them to pay for this... if they ever do.

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