Tuesday, 14 April 2009

How dare Guido...

...start such a fracas while I was out of the country.

I return to find Guido has not only taken a major scalp, but also dealt a potentially lethal wound to Labour.

It’s not a “knock-out blow” sort of wound, more of a precision cut that will bleed them to death between now and the next election.

The kind of thing that makes people demand change no matter what it is.

There were still a few hacks in Westminster who doubted the significance of blogs. This will be a turning point for them as well as the Government.


Oldrightie said...

"There were still a few hacks in Westminster who doubted the significance of blogs."

I saw a picture this morning. Loads of heads stuck in a sandpit outside Westminster, Identified by signs on their bum. Janet Daley, Kevin McGuire were just two. The total was quite large!

subrosa said...

I don't think hacks doubt the significance of blogs, I think they're running very scared because their jobs are at risk. After all a good blogger can earn a living wage surely? You do LD :):)

I'm the voluntary sector blogging wise, you know the type. A little spare time, nobody gives a toss what you do as long as you don't ask them for advice or money!

subrosa said...

Oh forgot to ask. Away on holiday again I see. Where was it this time? Sunshine?

Lobbydog said...

We had a sunny mind-set Subrosa, if not a sunny sky.

subrosa said...

As long as it settled your mind for the coming stresses LD that's what mattered. And of course, more importantly, your lady enjoyed it.

Andy said...

After all this fuss I actually went to have a look at this Fawkes chappy's blog. Frankly its drivel. I'm probably not his intended audience but jeez, I can read the Daily Mail for extended periods so I'm pretty thick skinned. And it hardly takes much skill to get one of your mates on the inside to pass on a couple of emails.

Having said that, I don't really give a stuff about McBride but if this fun and games results in Draper being removed from the universe it will definitely qualify as a public service.

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