Thursday 16 April 2009

Balaclava clad bobbies

THE police raid that snatched 114 eco-protestors from their hidey-hole at a Notts primary school this week must have been a finely tuned operation.

Just imagine the briefing – a room full of balaclava clad bobbies and a sergeant in body armour at the front, standing next to a flip chart with a picture of a see-saw on it.

“Stay sharp men,” he’d say. “I’ve seen better officers than you lot taken out by less than a see-saw before – and we haven’t even talked about the adventure playground yet.”

Pick up a copy of the Post for the Parliamentary Correspondent's column tomorrow.

UPDATE: Read it here.


Andy said...

Isn't this just the biggest nonsense? How the hell do they expect they're going to make a conspiracy charge stick just because they found a couple of sets of bolt cutters and a D lock or two?

(The bolt cutters will in time be despinned to a Leatherman tool before finally settling on a pair of nail clippers, the D lock will turn out to have been securing the school caretaker's bike which will of course have been nicked since it was taken away as 'evidence')

I suspect bail conditions will be extremely restrictive ie no demos about anything ANYWHERE and can only use electricity under supervision, the rozzers have already promised they can stretch the 'investigation' out for months, no charges eventually but over a hundred of the 'hardcore' kept off the streets during the 'summer of rage'.


Oldrightie said...

What is going on? First Snotty and Labour the laughing stock of the civilised world now plod come on board. Osama must be laughing tears.

Bent Society said...

Overtime, overtime, overtime! Bank holiday overtime! This is how cops in Romania make up their pay. Next year they intend to arrest themselves before they protest about their own pay! Greedy, thick, lazy hi-viz cowardly morons.

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