Wednesday 15 April 2009

Vaz - people's hero

Keith Vaz will be licking his lips at the chance to grill Denis O’Connor over police brutality in his select committee next Tuesday.

O'Connor is the Government’s preferred candidate for the top cop job – Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

His session at the Home Affairs Committee provides Vaz with a chance to capitalise on publicity around the G20 riots.

Remember, this is the man who brought Shilpa Shetty into Parliament.

In the mean time here is the vid which is causing more anger – it shows a sergeant whacking a woman at the protest, with a bit of commentary from the BBC.


Anonymous said...

Many of the protestors were doing just as bad to provoke the police. All in all it balances out.

McGonagall said...

Anonymous - yer full of it. Having watched the video of the unprovoked attack upon the demonstrators at the climate camp I saw no balance. What i saw was thuggery from the police. If a cop at a demonstration has so little self-control that he can be wound up by a wee lassie taunting him - to the point he bitch slaps her and whacks her with a baton - he's in the wrong profession.

Anonymous said...

Scunnert - in that video the cop is wrong. He should be punished. But that video shows one cop out of thousands that were workin that day. Demonstrators made no secret that they wanted to provoke cops. They wanted to cause trouble and they wanted to use violence to do it - and they did. If that's not thuggery I don't know what is.

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