Sunday 5 April 2009

HOON - So much p*ss has been taken, there isn't any left

Geoff “three homes” Hoon ripped another toe-nail out of the torture victim that is MPs’ integrity today.

You’ve all read the story – the Notts MP lived rent free for three-and-a half years in Admiralty House while earning money from his main home in London by renting it to a private tenant.

At the same time he claimed £70,000 in allowances on his “constituency” home in Derbyshire – even though his Ashfield constituency is in Notts.

I could only get hold of someone close to the former Defence
Secretary today – “three homes” is probably busy mowing three lawns, cooking three Sunday roasts or taking three dogs for walks.

The spokeswoman inevitably said no rules had been broken and that Hoon would welcome the results of the review into expenses.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said this has to stop – screw the review I say. Scrap second home allowances now.

Build a block of rooms near Westminster where all MPs sleep, give them tokens so they can get a bus from there to Parliament.

Let those who live a specified long way away claim for travel to get home when PArliament isn't sitting and then provide each MP with a lump sum to run their office – job done.


Anonymous said...

What a f****** c***. I'd like to **** *** ***** *** and his ******* wife too.

Richard said...

Like the majority of the population, I'm getting beyond anger at 'this we were only obeying orders' bollocks from MPs and worse ministers. Is it actually compulsory to claim for money you've not spent but which is available to you on the basis that you are all pretty straight guys? Let's move the question on to is it actually honest to do so?

They are actively creating the disillusion with politics and politicians which leads to political extremism. Why can't just one it's a fair cop, it was in the rules but my claim wasn't really justifiable and I'm paying the lot back. That might just start the avalanche.

Buffoon is really a worse case than Jacqui Smith since he actually claimed while getting his home rent free. The MPs for the London area who claim second homes stink to high heaven too. Eric Pickles could easily commute 1st class for £3920 a year. That's all he need cost you and me.

I won't get started on the fact that all this tax free.

Sean Matthews said...

Just on a matter of detail, Hoon's 'Derbyshire' home is all of a mile or so from Nottinghamshire, where his Ashfield constituency covers a large geographical area. I live nearby and have a Notts postcode though I live in Derbys - it was all shaken up with some shire reform years back. I agree with the thrust of the argument, of course, but the pud was overegged at that point. Hoon is from the Notts/Derbys border, and has lived there forever.

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