Tuesday 7 April 2009

Tamils stop me getting coffee - disrupting my entire life

When surrounded by demonstrations all day, every day a person tends to become numb to protests.

But I have to hand it to the Tamils, they are making themselves heard.

They arrived outside Parliament at about lunchtime yesterday and sat in the road in what was an illegal protest – it has never been violent, they just sat there and sang songs.

The police closed off the road and Westminster tube station when I was trying to go home last night. One chap also jumped into the Thames.

Then I was amazed to find them still there today, and slightly irritated that I couldn’t get to my usual cafĂ© for a caffeine hit.

But for their efforts I thought they deserved a mention, though I’m not sure what they hope to achieve.

Even if the British Government could do anything to bring about a ceasefire in Sri Lanka I doubt they would.

UPDATE: I think the police are now trying to move them by force, but they're refusing. A number are being led away in cuffs.

8.44 am: With a bit of argy-bargy the police have now pushed them off Westminster Bridge and on to Parliament Square where they began.


Oldrightie said...

Ant Tamil protesters killed, so far?

Lobbydog said...

No, but I think a police officer may've been stung by a bee.

manwiddicombe said...

Pushed them off Westminster Bridge? That conjures up an image! Can I misquote you on that?

Lobbydog said...

lol. Only just saw that. Misquote away, but give me a link as equity.

Odin's Raven said...

Can't they be sent home to be shot?

Anonymous said...

All this time the tamils in London were howling to stop the war claiming it inconvenienced tamils caught up in the cross fire in Sri Lanka. Now that the shooting is over and the tamil tigers are done in, there’s hardly any movement from these thugs.

Clearly proves the point the Sri Lankans were trying to make; they (London tamils) were trying to save the tamil tigers.

Currently there are thousands of tamil civillians undergoing severe hardship in refugee camps run by the government. Neither Millibrand (aka ‘Millibrain’ in Sri Lanka)nor the London tamil are interested in helping them. One wonders why?

Also, the Sri Lankans have solved their terrorism problem. But the terrorists are now living in our cities. How long will it take before the tamil tiger terror becomes OUR problem?

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