Tuesday 7 April 2009

Lobbydoggies bite bank bosses

A couple of weeks back Lobbydog posted on the attack on Fred Goodwin’s house.

The post went on to rack up a massive 51 comments – the most ever on this blog – and I thought it'd be interesting to take a look at what readers said.

Of the comments 92% were in support of Bank Bosses Are Criminals’ action and 4% (two comments) were against.

Of the comments that supported the action 61% displayed high levels of anger and vitriol suggesting the depth of feeling i.e. one called for his execution.

They included:

If I rob an off license - I go to Jail. This guy robs millions off of us - And he gets government protection.
I agree with what the BBCA did - But they should have burnt his house down to the ground

And the revolutionary longing…

I couldn’t care less about his wife and kids she and they know what this scumbag has done they deserve all they get just like the French royal family in 1798, cut there heads off.

But many were also measured and thoughtful...

If it is proven they acted irresponsibly and in a manner that would lead to loss of share value or jobs. Then he and his board are all liable for prosecution. If proven, they are indeed criminals.

And the positively constructive…

Fred and his ilk didn't break the law. What they have done is perfectly legal. So change the law.

Against the action, but no less anger ridden was…

Has the whole world gone completely insane?!?!? What the hell is vandalism of his property going to achieve? ...Goodwin's is being paid by RBS for christ's sake, you morons are just aggrevating a situation that is far from ideal as it is. Just stop pointing the finger and get over it.

Bearing in mind this was before the G20, the post seemed to become a rally point for people going on the demonstration.

I love the way the web works like that. Plus you never know who's reading the blog at any given time, so very interesting to get snap shot.

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Anonymous said...

The G20 riots were a joke. Pissy little benefits scroungers who need to grow up. They should take a lesson from the Tamil protest.

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