Thursday 9 April 2009

Quick does a Flint

Someone somewhere might be tempted to have sympathy for Bob Quick.

The country's top counter-terrorist cop revealed briefing papers to the press on the way in to Number 10 jeopardising a big operation.

They might feel it's an easy mistake to make when you don't think anyone is looking.

They would be wrong. The thing you never see in any of the photos of Number 10 is the army of photographers.

But the people who walk in can't miss them - they're the ones pointing flashing cameras at you.

Anyone who's been there, especially a top terrorism cop, should simply know better.

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Anonymous said...

I do actually have some sympathy for him. He clearly would have had bigger things on his mind other than whether someone could see the briefing when he stepped out of the car. He was just about to oversee an impending anti-terror raid.

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