Monday, 6 April 2009

Hoon's constituents speak out


Nottamun Town said...

Possibly the most depressing thing about all the MPs and their expenses claims is the same old excuse trotted out every time: "it was all done by the rulebook". This alone shows the contempt and disregard in which they hold the people they should feel accountable for. Just because it's agreed by them and their colleagues, doesn't mean they shouldn't have a big look in the mirror when they stick in claims for 'expenses' on houses they are renting out or don't really spend any time in, or on cable tv connections, bath plugs and other things most of us wouldn't think twice about forking out for. The fact is, they don't think, "what will my (potential) voter, my (actual) employer, think of this sort of behaviour". They just see it as a perk. And £40,000 for putting in expense claims (incorrectly) is, really, just beyond nepotism, and might be seen as, if I didn't know some very nice Italians, as an 'Italian' practice.

Anonymous said...

Can you define Italian practice?

Anonymous said...

Robin Hood he's not.

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