Monday 26 January 2009

Greenpeace muddle

Greenpeace have rather stupidly shot themselves in the foot over Heathrow.

The group have encouraged people to ‘e-mail barrage’ MPs who’ve shown an iota of support in the struggle against plans to build a third runway.

There’s a vote on Wednesday, so Greenpeace’s aim will be to solidify support and work MPs they think might sway either way.

But so many have sent e-mails that they’ve crashed MPs’ inboxes – remember these are the politicians who might have supported their cause in a vote.

Broxtowe’s Nick Palmer has received some 5,000 e-mails and reckons there was one coming every ten seconds at the peak.

He told Lobbydog: “It means my own constituents that I’m here to represent can’t contact me about Heathrow or any other subject.

“I did have sympathy for the cause but when I called to discuss the problem they refused to stop doing it. It’s making me less likely to support them.”


Andy said...

Well he's a principled one if all it takes to change his mind over an issue is to be inconvenienced by a pressure group. Bloody drama queen.

Martin S said...

Andy, if the 'work' of some clod in Greenpeace stops someone -for example- on the point of losing their house in the current financial meltdown, contacting their MP, because said clod did not think of the consequences of their actions, then I think Nick Palmer has a valid argument.

It's all very well the SIFs (Single Issue Fanatics) ploughing their lonely furrow, but when they start doing a Hain on someone's lawn (as it were) someone has to grab their plough and shove it where the sun don't shine.

Every PR professional has to understand their aims, understand their objectives and understand the likely results of their actions.

Greenpeace either did not do this, or knew what would happen and did not care.

Either way, they blew it.

Tuesday Kid said...

I generally support Greenpeace but they're really shooting themselves in the foot here. It's a typical example of self-righteous folk pissing everyone off and turning them against their cause by having a big long rant (this time over the internet, I bet most of their emails were in block capitals).

Anonymous said...

I live under the Heathrow flight path. Thge thought that Nick Palmer is even prepared to consider making me and millions of others have to put up with the extra noise, the additional air pollution - not to mention the climate change impacts we will all face - because he has found a campaign annoying is unbelievable.

I'm genuinely sympathetic to the problems this has caused him - but I'd appreciate him getting it a bit in proprtion and reassuring people he will continue to do the right thing and use his vote to stop Heathrow expanding in this way.

Otherwise this starts to look like a handy excuse to abandon a position because his party is leaning on him....

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