Monday 2 February 2009

I'll have a serious policy please Carol

Just when Labour’s image as the unattested party of gimmick seemed to be set, Cameron's team have come up with an absolute monster.

Carol Vorderman is to head up a maths task force which will look at teaching methods, how to address people's "fear" of the subject, and whether tests have become easier.

Here’s an idea – why not get a maths teacher to do it? Or a professor of education? Or anyone who has some experience in schools beyond having been to one as a child?

Lobbydog was an education correspondent long enough to know that being good at maths does not make you a good maths teacher.

Thankfully I doubt the former Countdown presenter will have any real sway over policy – she is just a publicity grabbing measure.

But that realisation makes the entire project lose credibility – I’d be interested to know what the blogger Tory Poppins has to say about this.

UPDATE: The Tories have put out pictures of Cameron and Vorderman having a snowball fight outside Parliament - seriously.


Andy said...

Carol has made lots of money out of advertising those dodgy 'Ocean Finance' style sub prime 120% mortgage companies over the years. Which as we all now know have brought civilisation to the brink of the abyss.

This leads me to the opinion that having the words 'Carol Vorderman' and 'policy' in the same room at any one time is a very dangerous mistake.

Yes, 'Call Me' Dave probably should get a maths teacher in to do the job instead. But more fundamentally he should find someone who is in possession of a clue.

subrosa said...

She's one smart cookie is Carol. Did work for the labour party as well didn't she. A good example to us all 'don't put your eggs in one basket'.

You're right though Andy, DC should leave well alone.

Oldrightie said...

Give me Carol Vorderman any day over any Labour bod, including J K Rowling! As for Ocean Finance have a chat with your good pal, Pete Hain.

subrosa said...

Come on Oldrightie, spill the beans. I really can't be troubled (being polite) googling that but it sounds intriguing.

subrosa said...

LD why aren't you on twitter? I would have thought it quite a benefit to your hectic lifestyle and your blog. Even I do my best to understand it :-)

Lobbydog said...

I'm actually registered but haven't started using yet. I've been looking at how it works on other sites and am not sure how to get the best of it yet.
Some stuff some blogs put on it is dire and I don't want to have it just for the sake of it.
Though you're the second person to say I should so I'll get my behind in gear.

subrosa said...

LD, it's a good way of promoting a post. eg 'Just finished a post on Mad Scotsmen' then you insert your URL. Decide who you'd like to follow - the more the merrier.

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