Friday, 20 March 2009

Mid-Staffs boss could get "golden pay-off"

Once again a minister has been unable to guarantee that a big-wig won’t get a wedge of cash for letting the tax-payer down.

Health Minister Ann Keen refused yesterday to rule-out the possibility that the suspended chief executive of Stafford Hospital wouldn’t get a “golden pay-off”.

Martin Yeates ran the hospital during a period in which the Healthcare Commission said hundreds of patients may have died due to “appalling” standards.

Keen was asked by Staffs MP Charlotte Atkins at a Health Committee hearing to ensure no pay-off was handed out.

The minister could only reply: “The new chair and the new trust are undertaking a real rapid response to this – a suspension has taken place and then we will have to act within the confines of the law.”

This comes as the NHS Trusts annual reports show Yeates was also given up to a £39,000 pay rise while his hospital was being investigated by the Healthcare Commission.


Oldrightie said...

I'm surprised they haven't invited Fritzl over for a peerage and a bung.

Catosays said...

Does this twat of a boss know Sharon Shoesmith?

How the 4x can he possibly be entitled to a pay-off?

Faux Cu said...

Easy one that

Get an "independent" Lord (mate)to review the situation and forget to ask what the payoff is going to be then get somebody else to sign off on it.

Well it worked for me

Sir Fred

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