Monday, 23 March 2009

McNulty pays for mum and dad's house

McNulty is the latest MP to have shamefully “done nothing wrong” in the expenses saga.

The rules he hasn’t broken let him claim an allowance to pay the mortgage on a house where his parents live.

The Employment Minister, a sometime reader of this blog, has said he won’t return the estimated £60,000 he has received already – but has confirmed he’s stopped claiming on it.

Fairly brave of Greg Hands to come out and criticise this considering Caroline Spelman’s situation – no party has the moral high ground on this one.

You have to hope these stories will add to an overpowering crescendo of protest – the MPs have staunchly resisted fundamental change, but it can’t go on.


Anonymous said...

It's called greed and it is just nauseating. Just because you can claim something doesn't mean you're actually entitled to it. As you say, neither party is without sin here but what happened to Lord Nolan's standards? How much of the £10,000 a year did Tony McNulty actually give to his parents? How much of what she claimed did Jacquie Smith give her sister? Out of pure spite, I hope the Inland Revenue is on to them.

subrosa said...

Such disdain for the hoi polloi.

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