Friday 27 March 2009

Bankers hanging from lampposts

Chris Knight, the professor who suggested there'd be bankers hanging from lampposts, has been suspended from his job.

The University of East London academic has been threatening a backlash against 'the establishment' during the G20 next week.

Knight told the Mail: 'We intend to be peaceful but if they press their nuclear button, I'll press mine. It's called "mutually assured destruction".

'If Gordon Brown deploys his riot police, or sends in his agents provocateurs to start trouble as an excuse to attack us, all hell will break loose.'

For years the likes of Knight have been waiting for the moment when they could stick two fingers up at people who said the far left was obsolete.

They'll have their moment in the sun, but the G20 demos will be an anti climax.


Oldrightie said...

Sod bankers it's Labour and Brown's change the 'b to a w', I want up on those lamposts.

Anonymous said...

I hope it kicks off and there is a full blown riot. Things need a shakin' up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The UK right now needs a working class movement that represents their economic interests.

Not all this climate change hippy shit - who gives a toss about gia-mother-earth bla bla.

I hope it kicks off - The establishment needs to hear it loud. And Bankers should be striped of all property.

Anonymous said...

What happened to free speech? Another victim of the bankers' cock-up? Surely the Prof was using hyperbole. Are the university's senate an uneducated bunch of government lapdogs?

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