Friday 27 March 2009

Clarke plotting against Cameron?

Harriet Harman seems to feel a little left out of all the leadership speculation going on about Labour.

To make up for it she directly accused Ken Clarke of plotting against David Cameron yesterday in the Commons.

Speaking to Alan Duncan she said: "He mentioned a number of cabinet ministers.

"But I think the manoeuvring on which he ought to be focusing is the manoeuvring of the shadow shadow chancellor against the leader of the opposition.

"I think that it is a case of hush puppies on the leader of the opposition's lawn."

Even if Clarke is an operator, it was fairly blatant sh*t-stirring.

Made for an interesting watch though. Harman and Duncan’s little clashes are turning out to be quite good game.

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Anonymous said...

If Harman ever gets close to being PM I'll hang myself.

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