Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Answer the bloody question!

When most parents ask their kids at the end of the day how school was they are met with a curt, disappointing “ok”.

But it must have been the excruciating total opposite for Mr and Mrs Brown.

Perhaps they even avoided asking little Gordon how he was for fear of being met with a string of meaningless platitudes about education.

He would say: “I arrived at school in the morning; there are many classrooms in buildings in a school - and children. And there are teachers there who teach…

Unfortunately, like his puppy fat, his lack of oratory was not shed in puberty.

And so last week on the Marr show we came full circle when a child asked the PM what his favourite food was – I’ve read this so many times and I still can’t help chuckling.

So what’s your favourite food Gordon?

“Traditional things, like steak and all that. I love spaghetti bolognese, and carbonara and all these things. I like Chinese food, I like Indian food.

“I like English food, British food … and French … I like almost anything.”

Astonishingly even his 14-year-old inquisitor couldn’t take it anymore and interrupted him, demanding an answer about what his single best food was.

You could see the PM starting to get shaky under such intense interrogation.

“I think it would be steak,” he began again...

You can watch part, though unfortunately not all, of the clip below. Hat tip to fellow regional blogger Matt Chorley for bringing this to my attention.


Events dear boy, events said...

Boring bugger. Funny I have always been intrigued what is someones favorite food. Tells you a lot.

subrosa said...

That'll be Argentinian steak of course because he's so global. Aberdeen Angus would be out of the question.

Howard, one of my fav foods is whitebait but we don't get it much up here. What does that make me? A wee slipperly silver fish? :)

Oldrightie said...

No mention of his favourite debating chamber in Strasbourg.

Events dear boy, events said...

Subrosa, no it makes you interesting because whitetbait is imaginative while steak is not.

Lobbydog said...

Be fair Events, it was not just steak. It was steak - "and all that".

Events dear boy, events said...

I will non-prime ministerial and say sorry!

subrosa said...

Howard, you flatterer you but thanks.

McGonagall said...

If his favourite food is steak why is he always trying to feed the rest of us codswallop?

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