Monday, 23 March 2009

Ken Clarke...doh!

Clarke has given David Cameron a reminder of the danger of having him on the front bench.

In the Notts MP’s mind his comments about inheritance tax wouldn’t have been too different from previous ones he made about having to be careful about public spending.

But branding the policy idea as merely an “aspiration” was pretty ill considered, particularly taking into account the impact it had last year. Watch the vid here.

It’s clear from the speed of the shadow business secretary’s second statement – an attempt to undo damage – that the Tory leadership were hacked off.

Mandy will have a little snigger, but Cameron will have known this sort of thing would happen if he brought Clarke back and will have been steeled for it.

However, there’ll be a niggling voice in his ear this morning saying “I told you so”.

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Oldrightie said...

Mountains, molehills. Macnulty, Staffs hospitals, now there is some meat to chew over.

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