Friday 20 March 2009

Suicide law

Lobbydog backs a law-change which would protect people who help loved ones commit suicide from prosecution.

It's an amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill that's been tabled by Patricia Hewitt and will be debated on Monday and Tuesday.

The ability and the right to choose when we die is part of what defines us as human.

A bit morbid for a Friday morning I know, but I haven't had my first coffee of the day yet.


subrosa said...

That's been my stance of this for the past few years. As I get older the more I think I don't want to be kept alive by technology but to be allowed to go when I feel it's right. I know my family agree with my thoughts and that's what matters to me.

Anonymous said...

When the time is right , take me out of the igloo.

However, just a frivolous thought, could we make it compulsory, and soon, for Gordon to visit one of those nondescript hotel/clinics in Switzerland?

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