Thursday 16 April 2009

Damian Green looked emotional

Just got back from Damian Green’s briefing in the press gallery, he looked like he’d been through a lot.

Triumphalism was suppressed and he came across magnanimous.

The shadow immigration minister called Jacqui Smith a poor Home Secretary but declined twice to call for her resignation.

He confirmed his DNA had been taken, and demanded it be removed from any database, also highlighting bugs used during his arrest.

He said: “The Government is very keen to use the full power of the state to investigate other people, but seem very unkeen to have any of its own activities investigated.”

You can hear the political gun turrets turning, expect the backlash soon.


Anonymous said...

worse than the frickin Stasi, I tells ya!

Anonymous said...

He was correct about Smith and should have included Brown and Darling. This is a symptom of a government spiralling out of control through lack of ability and confidence in itself.

Forest4ever said...

"a symptom of a government spiralling out of control"

Nail on head. They haven't had a grip for ages now, it's all grasping at straws.

Screech said...

trouble is they've awarded themselves so much power, that the power i think has more control of them than the other way around.

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