Wednesday 8 April 2009

Economy, economy, economy

A question was raised today about whether the Tories were focusing too strongly on the economy.

Cameron has made only one speech on health and education compared to 18 on the economy in the past nine months, the FT reported.

The focus is based on a judgement call – a shadow minister told Lobbydog that the feeling was that Labour had misjudged public opinion by continually hammering away on spending policy.

People know all parties will have to tighten spending, said the shadow minister. Meanwhile Labour has been seen to fritter money without enough in return - on the NHS over the last ten years and on a fiscal stimulus more recently.

Now, they argued, winning votes is about convincing people you can manage money.

That may be true but Cameron would be wise not to lose ground he has made on public services up until now.

Like Blair in 97, Cameron knows a big election win requires convincing voters from the other-side you’re a safe pair of hands for the things they care about too.


Oldrightie said...

Without a strong economy everything else fails.

Anonymous said...

Too true but stupid bleeding hearts just don't get it.

anna said...

That is something surprising that he have only discussed health and education only once which is the most prior concern for any country. As we all need support in education and I will chose it in my business dissertation topics and create awareness about this. As we must promote education and health at all levels.

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