Sunday 5 April 2009

Hoon-gate is like a little worm eating my brain

I can’t get this Hoon business out of my head. Everything reminds of it.

I write to you, dear readers, from the home of my sister-in-law in Nottingham where I am marooned.

I missed the train to London I was meant to be getting and there wasn’t another for an hour and that service would’ve taken over three hours – I could fly to Portugal in that time.

Plus it would mean buying an entirely new ticket at an inflated price, when the original ticket was already ridiculous.

I can’t use the old ticket, or even pay the difference – it has to be a whole new ticket. What cretin made that rule up?

The trains from Nottingham to London are always shocking on Sunday because of “track improvements” that seem to have been going on for ever.

Who can I be angry at for that little issue – who other than Mr Hoon our Transport Secretary.

As a result of all this I have to catch a lift with my brother-in-law to London at 4am in the morning for work tomorrow.

He is a normal person who, when he needs to get to the capital for work, drives there.

He doesn’t buy another house in London and kit it out using taxpayers’ cash.


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Have you seen my once twice three times a Hoonie post?

Oldrightie said...

Well, serves you right, my little puppy. Hoon is a badge, a shining emblem of the hypocritic greed and inverse nature of socialism. Suck up to your core supporters just long enough to prevent them realising your quietly shoving your grasping greed up their ar*e. Please let us have an election.

IanPJ said...

Had enough yet? Getting annoyed or even angry now?

Annoyed sufficiently to really start thinking that enough is enough.

Perhaps it is time to start asking more of the questions that will hit home, even if it means that it will totally embarrass these fraudsters.

Plenty said...

Underestimation is an understatement. http://www.plenty2say.com

Jess The Dog said...

Shame. I would have suggested just getting on the train and refusing to pay the difference if caught.

I still have fond memories of changing at Paddington Station, heading westwards on Her Majesty's business after trading a travel warrant for a ticket earlier. I was told by the ticket collector that there would be a £70 excess for peak time travel. I did an about-turn, then a left-turn, then went up some steps and along a very long walkway, down some steps onto the other end of the platform and on to the train.

Ticket was checked on the train and the bloke didn't notice.

Matt Wardman said...

I'll weigh in on this once the red mist has cleared, and I can draw sensible conclusions. He was my MP for 8 years and Ashfield is 1 mile away.

Bent Society said...

Of course he is bent - because the system is totally ben. I mean to say....they make knights of the realm of people like Alan (bogus crap stack system low fi) sugar; "I am rewarded for being a uselss greedy bastard" Sir Fred Goodwin and "I built my empire on serious tax fraud" Sir Richard branson (http://bentsocietyblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/exclusive-bent-society-expose.html) - what should we expect?

Next they'll make Ms J. Smith a member of the House of Lords.

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