Tuesday 14 April 2009


Frank Field has written a soul-searching, yet damning, post on his blog in the wake of e-mailgate.

It's called Darkness at the Heart of the Labour Party.

He writes: Week after week MPs have been turning up but with almost no serious work to do.

There is the odd bill to be sure. But there is no legislative programme to speak of.

Even the debates that are put on to fill in time are ones that deny MPs a vote. The whole exercise is vacuous.


Oldrightie said...

Gives Labour a good name. Obviously in the wrong party!

Lawson said...

Right party, wrong leadership. It must be a very sad day for Frank.

Bent Society said...

In all the years of human evolution natural leaders are probably those we would follow into battle. I might imagine myself 1,000 years ago folowing the likes of Obama perhaps - but never the sniveling infantile Brown. He deserves to be flicked with wet towels - nothing more.

Labour must ditch the buffoon clown because he is a moron.

Andy said...

I think its been a running issue for about 10 years that Parliament ie MPs has little to do apart from rubber stamp orders from above.

A useful question to be answered is that, although people noticed this under TB the war criminal's rule, why did it not seem to matter so much?

And Frank Field's a chump in my opinion, nothing to listen to there.

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