Thursday, 10 September 2009

Brown out by November?

LD was chatting with politicalbetting.com’s Mike Smithson earlier today about weird bets.

He apparently won £700 betting on the number of sips of water Alistair Darling took during his budget speech. I’m in the wrong business.

Anyway, I took the chance to ask him for a tip-of-the-day to share with readers. He suggested a 5/1 punt at Paddy Power on Brown not being the PM by the end of November.

“I just get the feeling that it might be the end for Gordon,” he pondered.

I’ll have a little flutter and, if the bet comes through, donate the money to the charity that looks after old hacks. I’m not joking, there actually is one.

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone see that stuff about Brown being on anti depressants? I reckon he might crack before November, even if his party doesn’t oust him first.

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