Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Labour MP tries to capitalise on Duncan

Alan Duncan’s neighbouring Labour MP Andy Reed wrote a righteous blog-post earlier on how the former Tory front-bencher got “what he deserved” by being sacked.

He wrote: “Telling a reporter that MPs are living on rations was a crass and stupid thing to say. It does not represent the views of any Labour MPs I know.”

Maybe other Labour MPs don’t like speaking to him much.

Many I’ve spoken to, while they might not like the way Duncan phrased it, did sympathise with the idea that they had been mistreated and smeared during the expenses scandal.

A colleague pointed out that this was the same same Andy Reed who, post-scandal, asked the “court of public opinion” to decide whether he should claim for a new boiler in his Westminster flat after his previous one reached its sell-by date.

Cheap publicity.


BigBossMan said...

Fairly typical of people who think they're going to lose their seat at the next election I'd say.

Stephen Hodgson said...

Andy Reed shouldn't throw stones based on his own expense claims!

Detailed analysis of Andy Reed's expenses here:

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