Monday, 7 September 2009

Frustration with Duncan

Lobbydog hears a number of Tory MPs have received letters from Conservative constituents saying they won’t vote for the party while Alan Duncan remains on the front bench.

As far as I know it’s not sack loads of mail, but the development could still be interesting.

So far any pressure there has been for him to go in the wake of the ‘rationsgate’ affair, the ‘bimbogate’ affair and his expenses generally, has come from the grass roots.

ConservativeHome has shown the MP’s popularity plummet in recent months – he’s currently the least popular member of the shadow Government.

Cameron has given a stay of execution for now. There are even rumours that Duncan, shadow leader of the House, may do a special question and answer session on expenses at this year’s conference in an attempt redeem himself.

But if there is a clamour among other Tory MPs warning that Mr Duncan is losing them all votes then Cameron may feel obliged to act.

Alternatively, if the question and answer session goes horrifically badly – and most of Duncan’s colleagues I’ve spoken to fear it might – then his luck may just have run out.


Purple Man said...

My feeling is that he won't go until after the General Election or until there is a bigger scale reshuffle.

Rule number one of Cameroonism is to pretend like nothing is ever wrong and if they acted now it'd potentially open up a can of worms in the media.

Anonymous said...

Incisive and intuitive comment Purple Man. Less than 5 hours later and Duncan has been demoted.

Cameron did what Brown would have been scared to do.

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