Tuesday, 8 September 2009

MCNULTY WATCH: Yet another sighting

Lobbydog is calling on all readers to let this blog know when they see Tony McNulty pop up giving interviews for the Government.

The former minister, shamed due to his expense claims, has been on Sky, was on Newsnight yesterday and featured on the radio this morning towing party line.

The only thing I can think of is that the Government believes his position, or lack of it, will mean they have plausible denial if he says something silly on the Megrahi case – the subject of his interviews.

The Lockerbie bomber’s release has been a very tricky situation which has seen more eloquent press performers like David Miliband get into trouble.

Why else would Labour put McNulty up for interviews as a former “security minister” even though the police formed the main part of his brief when he was at the Home Office?

Where is Lord West, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Security and Counter-terrorism, or Police Minister David Hanson? Wouldn’t either of them be more appropriate?

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