Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tories feared Duncan would lose them votes

It seems the clamour for Duncan to go among Tory MPs was greater than Lobbydog imagined.

I'd spoken to two or three Conservatives who had said they had raised “frustrations” about his continued presence in the shadow cabinet.

The MPs were beginning to feel Duncan was losing them votes.

Cameron obviously agreed – but enough not to do away totally with Duncan, the Melton MP will remain as shadow prisons minister.

It's a gritty new role which I'm not sure will suit him - it'll mean him having to put a bit of back into it.

Meanwhile the old incumbent of that position Edward Garnier is promoted to shadow Attorney General.

More from him later.


subrosa said...

You mean Duncan will actually have to do some work LD? What a concept. He much prefers posturing.

Purple Man said...

Well I made the wrong call there. Fairplay to Cameron - though this new guy has a reputation of being a complete toff, from what I hear.

Anonymous said...

Although Duncan has screwed up, he is a talented guy and I guarantee that ina couple of years or less even Cameron will bring him back. The leader likes him a lot, or he would have been out of the shadown team altogether.

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