Friday 23 January 2009

More fight on Heathrow

So Hoon will have to face a proper debate and vote on Heathrow’s third runway.

The Transport Secretary and Notts MP had tried to dodge it but Cameron has opted to push the issue onto the agenda on Opposition Day next week.

It’ll be interesting because while a bunch of Labour MPs, including Alan Simpson (Nottingham South), will rebel – there are also Tories who secretly support it.

Either way after McDonnell’s antics the debate, on Wednesday, should launch a few fireworks.

Lobbydog wants to see Simpson going for the jugular.


Null said...

I think we should go one further and call for a full blown fist fight. I am sick of the sneering arrogance of Hoon.

Oldrightie said...

I had the pleasure of fisking him in Hereford from the audience of Question Time, two years ago. Dreadful, smug individual with a plastic plum in his mouth. Would be nice to see his head on a platter, mouth stuffed with plums!

I took the liberty of joining your followers and thank you for your kindness in reading my blog!
This medium really does help lighten the gloom!

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