Wednesday 21 January 2009

No Hoons here please

Is Geoff Hoon going to rue his Heathrow decision? Opposition is coming form all sorts of unexpected places.

After getting publicly dissed by Emma Thompson, the Transport Secrtary is being pulled into a debate with the organiser of his favourite music festival.

Hoon was banned from Latitude by the organiser Melvin Benn who said the presence of the man who gave the green light to a third Heathrow runway was untenable with the eco-themed event.

The Notts MP has ignored the snub and the offer of free tickets if he reverses his decision. Only telling NME: "I enjoy going to Latitude. It has an excellent mixture of music, film, theatre and comedy.

"I've always admired the efforts to attract an audience of all ages and its commitment to the environment. I have been able to play my part by cycling there."

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