Friday 23 January 2009

Smug Flint

“Do something David. Stop her,” I shouted at the TV last night, while Mrs Lobbydog fell asleep on the sofa.

The ‘David’ was Dimbleby, and the ‘her’ was Caroline Flint who was reaching unprecedented levels of smugness on Question Time.

Flint gives such prosaic, diversionary answers that she undoubtedly practices jar therapy.

The way she smirked and made little comments on top of other people made my blood boil.

But worst of all was when she just locked in to “on-message” mode and started rambling despite being told to stop by Dimbleby.

She seemed a bit more buoyant than when I’ve met her in person – maybe she’s feeling inflated by her new position, either that or she was just soaking up the lime light.

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Not a sheep said...

Caroline Flint really believes that she is the sexiest female MP and intelligent as well; she is sadly mistaken on both grounds.

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