Tuesday 20 January 2009

Today Broxtowe, tomorrow the WORLD!

It turns out that Notts MP Nick Palmer is actually an evil genius, deviously planning to take over the world.

In an article for Total Politics magazine he reveals his secret penchant for war-gaming – his desire to conquer all, he says, means he’s no good at dinner party small talk.

Look at similar characters, Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis Moriatti for example. They too are the introvert types, secretly waiting for their glorious destinies to embrace them.

Their other trait is an unblinking self-confidence, think Lex Luther, which Palmer also exposes in his piece.

He writes of one game, Diplomacy, that the objective is to jockey your way to victory using the “occasional subtle betrayal.”

“I was British Champion at this some years ago and won the World Championship in the US last year,” he writes.

“…it requires a mixture of intelligent tactical planning and silver tonguery, with a dash of unscrupulousness.”

All these years I thought Nick Palmer was the quiet man of Notts politics, but I was wrong.

The member for Broxtowe has just silver-tongued us into believing that, when really he’s the power behind Barack Obama.

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Anonymous said...

Hes a good MP though, and should be PM. Even if he could turn into Dr Strangelove, Im sure it would all be prefectly benign..

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