Thursday 19 February 2009

Lobbydog takes recess

Dear Readers,

Lobbydog is going on holiday for a week. However, he will leave the site in the safe paws of his friend Angry Ferret (pictured).

Ferret will give you a bit of political drama and something to think about until I get back.

See you next week,


Unknown said...

Au revoir, Lobbydog; bon soir, Ferret. Enjoy a well-earned rest.

Scouse & Proud #jft96 said...

Dear Mr Dog

Mr Ferret looks to be much more cuddly than you. Any chance of a stroke?

Much Love (to all animal lovers everywhere)


Oldrightie said...

Enjoy your holiday. Might not be a country to return to though, if going abroad!
Will ferret be doing what ferrets do outside a sack?

subrosa said...

Happy holiday LD. I'm sure AFie will look after us well.

Alan Smart said...

holiday? A poor fuckin excuse....

But enjoy it nome the less

And what part of Iraq are you visiting?

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