Tuesday 3 March 2009

Brown and Obama's sort of press conference thing

I'll leave the full coverage of what was said to the papers.

Suffice to say Obama said Britain was America's closest ally and that he hoped the PM would call him a friend. There was appropriate chumminess.

On a side note - anyone who watched it on Sky will have noticed the camera was shaking round all over the place and that sound was tinny.

I suspect the speed at which things were set up meant there was either no time to place all Camera tripods or no space in the available room.

Again, the lack of mics going round and the bad acoustics in the place they had chosen all suggest it was a bit of a hotchpotch press conference.

Why wasn't there a full briefing in the programme?

Again this is speculation, but I suspect the Brits went to Obama's team and told them something televised was needed or it would look bad - and so it was knocked up in a rush.

Still. The PM had his moment in the sun and got a couple of plugs in for the G20 summit - which, as we were reminded, is in London.


Anonymous said...

Obama appears to have turned into a moose in that photo!

Lobbydog said...

Welcome back Ferret. Yes, it's lucky Dick Cheyney isn't around or he might end up with a bullet in his flank.

Oldrightie said...

It was a disaster for Brown.

Anonymous said...

It shows us what we have always known. Namely, Obama has massive gravitas and Brown is a beta-male creepy unctuous buffoon-clown

Lobbydog said...

Did anyone see the really cringy bit when Brown joked he might be able to beat Obama at tennis, but not basketball? Sent shivers down the spine.

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