Tuesday 3 March 2009

Obama and Brown WILL do press conference... well sort of.

Number 10 has just announced that Obama and the PM will, in fact, take questions from hacks at 5.30pm our time.

The announcement follows some severe snubbage – when it was revealed there was to be no official "we stand together" type press conference.

Imagine, all those hacks buying plane tickets out there for nothing.

Considering this was meant to be Brown's moment of 'make or break' for the world economy, Obama's team doesn't seem to be treating it with quite the same gravitas.

The big press conference still won't happen, but even this afternoon's little event has been arranged hurriedly.


McGonagall said...

How very humiliating for Mr Brown - ROFL!

Screech said...

bet a fiver to a pinch of poo it will be like "the one eyed Scottish idiot is here to visit? oh how quaint, i supposed i'd better meet him and humour him"

Oldrightie said...

Has Obama visited The Boy Scouts yet?

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