Friday 6 March 2009

Mandelson gets greened

A protestor has chucked a cup of green custard in Lord Mandelson's face.

If you want to see it turn Sky on now! I'll try and bring you the video later.

UPDATE - Lord Mandelson said afterwards:"She was so busy throwing what seemed like green soup or something in my face that she failed to tell me what the protest was about but, as you can see, thankfully it wasn't paint and I've come through it intact."


Trixy said...

A reference to the exorcist, perhaps?

Fidothedog said...

The clip is on You tube already, I have posted to my blog.

Now that is what I call a green protest.

Andy said...

Reminds me of the (possibly not true) story of Mandelson being offered amorphous green food whilst up north and asking if it was guacamole - it was mushy peas.

Perhaps he thought 'ooh this nice lady is bringing me guacamole for lunch' before the truth hit him between the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Breakfast for Mr Mandelson!

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