Wednesday 4 March 2009

Why has Caroline Spelman had such an easy ride today?

It’s almost £10,000. Ten-thousand. She used tax-payers’ cash to pay for her nanny.

There are two paragraphs in the Sun and six or seven paragraphs on page 17 of the Mail.

The Telegraph carries nothing – but sees fit to put something in about Julie Kirkbride being pestered by male admirers.

I've heard mutterings that it was all to do with the timing of the story's release.

Either way, a poor show.


subrosa said...

Very poor show, especially after the criticisms last year about her behaviour. Westminster protectionism at best.

Events dear boy, events said...

I suggest Labour did not make a fuss because of the pending investigation into one Jacqui Smith

Oldrightie said...

As an oldrightie who believes probity should not be a matter for debate I am disappointed she is still in office.

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