Monday 2 March 2009

Lobbydog gets thumbs up

Lobbydog broke into Wikio's top 100 political blogs in February.

We've had 10,000 odd visitors so far - not much compared to the big boys, but not bad considering we've been going less than six months.

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back - especially the lobbydoggies.

I'll keep trying to bring you the best I can.


an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Mr Dog,

Keep up the good work. We appreciate the onerous task you carry out so bravely on our behalf. Not all have the strong stomach required to root around in the fetid sewer of Westminster, or the super-human self-restraint needed when associating so closely with our lords and masters.

Keep cocking your leg, frequently.

subrosa said...

Well done LD. I don't understand that Wikio thing at all. How do they know how many visitors you get? I had just short of 4,000 unique visitors last month, nothing like the big boys as you say.

McGonagall said...

Well done and keep it up.

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