Monday 2 March 2009

Mandy loses grip

Lobbydog’s observations about the direction of the Mandelson Vs Clarke battle seem to be playing out in the polls.

This site said Mandelson’s absence from the Commons – and Clarke’s trampling of his underlings – would damage Labour.

Now the Telegraph’s YouGov poll results are suggesting the public would vastly prefer Clarke as Business Secretary over Mandy.

Some of it might be down to the general balance of support for the two parties, but not all.

The difference between the approval ratings of Brown (34%) and Cameron (43%) is far less than the difference between those of Clarke (48%) and Mandelson (just 17%).

Mandelson needs to come out fighting – with the Royal Mail issue promising to get nasty things are only going to get harder.


subrosa said...

Surely it's a no brainer to chose between them LD.

Lobbydog said...

The country certainly seems to think so. Any solidarity there was from Labour supporters is also slipping away. What do you reckon - Will Mandy last as long as the Labour Government?

subrosa said...

Oh yes I think so LD, the saviour of the world can't afford to sack him as that would show he made a rotten choice initially. Mandy will hang on, he's a slippery individual. Seems to have been lots of 'interviews with Mandelson' this weekend, or was I reading the same thing ten times ...

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