Tuesday 31 March 2009

Millionaire MP claims as much as he can for second home

Shaun Woodward, said to be the only Labour MP with a butler, is probably not someone feeling the affect of the credit crunch just yet.

Being married to Camilla Davan Sainsbury, daughter of the former Conservative MP Tim Sainsbury of the wealthy supermarket Sainsbury family, he’s not short of a bob or two.

Yet the MP still saw fit to claim the absolute maximum for his second home – £23,083 – on his Parliamentary allowances.

Woodward is a Labour MP disliked by the left who perceive him as a career politician, and disliked by the Tories because he defected from them in 2001 to join the party in Government.

But who needs support from a political party when you have that much money.


Oldrightie said...

What a despicable arsehole. Labour champagne flows deep and well. Toffs rule, eh? Doesn't Brown have a butler, as well?

Lobbydog said...

Very unparliamentary language Rightie, but the sentiment is understood.

Anonymous said...

Unblievable, utterly unbelievable.

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