Monday 30 March 2009

Wheeler won't appeal

Stuart Wheeler has said he's not going to appeal his expulsion from the Conservatives.

He once gave the party £5m, but his move toward UKIP highlights uncertainty about Cameron’s EU line among the party's right.

It will be embarrassing for Cameron, but Wheeler had begun to donate less money recently.

Plus it may suit the leader, still attempting to reshape his party, to not be obligated to some one who wants to rock the boat over Europe.


Events dear boy, events said...

Why is this embarrassing? You go on to say that it will suit Cameron, which I agree with. What have a I missed?

Lobbydog said...

Getting dumped by a donor shortly before elections, particulalry for UKIP, could never be seen as a triumph. If the leadership's attitudes towards "EU themed" meetings at their conference is anything to go by, then Cameron wants to sweep the issue under the carpet where possible. For today, this lifts the carpet.

Anonymous said...

Wheeler is dead weight, UKIP can have him.

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