Thursday 2 April 2009

MPs check expenses receipts

MPs have been sent a letter notifying them to start checking receipts which have now been scanned into the House of Commons computer system.

The Commons authority has been beavering away since last year scanning all receipts that MPs have claimed on their allowances, in preparation for their eventual publication.

Members now have the chance to log-on to the system to make sure everything is there and to request that any details are removed.

I’m assured they can’t simply ‘black-out’ parts of receipts willy-nilly. If they want something removed they have to fill out a form and the request is considered by the authority.

I can’t wait to get my hands on them this Autumn.


Plato said...

That long Mr Dog - I suspect they will just emerge a little sooner!

Lobbydog said...

Juicy bits will come out in leaked dribs and drabs, but the full whack will take longer unfortunately.

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