Wednesday 1 April 2009

Michelle Obama and Sam Cam bond

Samantha Cameron has given Michelle Obama a bracelet designed by Lara Bonhinc.

The designer – who is very "in" I'm told – used to call herself Lara Boeing 747. These trendy types eh?

However, she had to revert to her real name after being threatened by the real Boeing.

Her creations include a choker with braille writing on it, so it can't be read by blind people, and silver earphones that you can't hear anything through – in other words, pretty but not much use.

Still, Sam has at least found something in common with Michelle – the First Lady also gave her a bracelet as a present.


Oldrightie said...

Very touching. Michelle's bracelet to Sam was engraved "to The next Prime Minister's wife"!

subrosa said...

Oh Oldrightie you are awful but I like you :)

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