Wednesday 1 April 2009

Obama injured in Downing Street

News that a paramedic had to treat President Obama in Downing Street is trickling out this morning.

Mr Obama needed attention after he "fell out of bed" spraining his wrist.

Those close to Gordon Brown had feared the incident may disrupt well laid plans for a photo-shoot of the two leaders shaking hands later today.

But when asked by the paramedic whether he could move his hand Mr Obama replied "yes I can". April fools.


Plato said...

Thought he'd been spending time with Mr J Smith!

Oldrightie said...

I thought he needed an excuse not to touch Snotty's hand. Did you see Gordo, desperate to stand by Obi, shoving Mitch out of the way? Priceless!

Anonymous said...


subrosa said...

I hope someone puts a link up for that Oldrightie, I still haven't seen it.

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