Monday 30 March 2009

Pepper spray used in row outside Commons chamber

Rumour has it that three "guests" in Parliament just got into an almighty row and started fighting.

The incident occurred just behind the Speaker's chair and one man ended up being pepper sprayed by a police officer – at least one was arrested.

It took place after a drinks reception – Eric Pickles was having one, though I’m not sure it was connected.

Bloody hell!

UPDATE 10.40pm: Sky have just confirmed the incident, it was a spin off from the Eric Pickles event. Wish I'd gone instead of working on expenses now.

Further update: Word has it that two men and a woman were involved, sounds like it may've been a "domestic". You'll have to wait till morning for the rest.

One witness I spoke to seemed pretty shocked.


Oldrightie said...

Obviously an altercation over MPs expenses!

Events dear boy, events said...

Come on. Spill the beans. Who were the guests? What was behind row?

Alex moner said...

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