Tuesday 31 March 2009

Last night's argy-bargy

I’d been clinging on to the hope that the ruckus behind the Speaker's chair last night was a Labour MP versus a Tory MP.

Maybe even Pickles himself versus an equal heavyweight like John Prescott, or some sort of novelty fight involving Hazel Blears.

But reports this morning confirm rumours last night that at least one hack was involved, most unfortunate.

You can hear the jaw-jaw around the press gallery this morning.


Oldrightie said...

With the exception of the odd one or two, yourself included (so far!)journo's are renowned for bad behaviour. I note the passion of many MSMs to hope this was to be another get Eric moment.
It was most likely someone upset because they weren't allowed into The Home Secretary's Office for a film show!

Lobbydog said...

Yes, I don't think Jacqui was let in either, that's why she's so upset.
I have heard a story or two about drunken journos, none that I know of course.

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