Monday 11 May 2009

Hazel "Diddy" Blears looking shakey

Embattled Hazel Blears - or "Diddy", as she's known in my office - won less than resounding support from the Prime Minister at this morning’s Lobby briefing.

A bit of sweet revenge for Gordon Brown, perhaps, after Blears’ criticism of his bizarre Youtube appearance and of Labour’s “lamentable failure” last week.

PM’s spokesman Michael Ellam said: “It’s really for the individual members of Parliament themselves to answer questions about their own particular arrangements.

“Hazel Blears has responded to the specific allegations against her. The PM’s view is that the system needs to change.”

He added that the PM had heard the explanations of all ministers in question and was “satisfied” with them.

One has come to expect very little to be said at the Lobby briefings anyway, but Ellam’s reluctance to float anything more supportive for the cabinet minister highlights the distance between her and Brown.


BogBossMan said...

Classic comedy line from Frankie Boyle on Mock the Week:

Gordon Brown: "No, actually this isn't a sporron. It's Hazel Blears trying to get in my good books."

Anonymous said...

lol. She obviously wasn't that great.

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